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Cost of services
Walk-through Audit:
  • Evaluate your utility usage
  • calculate your insulation levels
  • Identify potetial health and safety issues
  • show you ways to reduce your energy waste and increase efficiency
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Our services are customized for each individual, so it is best to call us to discuss your needs.
Comprehensive Audit:
  • includes walk -through audit
  • Interview with your family and you about energy needs and concerns
                 including health and safety
  • Evaluate your home's energy conservation by use of a blower door test , duct blaster test ( when appropriate)
  • Check health and safety issues at appliances  and HVAC equipment
  • You will recieve a report consisting of  a load calculation for proper HVAC euipment sizing and recommendations for remediation of energy loss and building health and safety issues.
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" * " depending on the size of the house and location
HVAC Service :
  • $80.00 service charge
  • $ 80.00 per hour billable in 1/4 hr incremints
Remediation and HVAC Installation :
  • All job are individualized and are priced  by the job.